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who we are

Chulado based in Baltimore, Maryland, consists of a team of talented and coffee drinking (fueled by Zeke's), passionate individuals.

We are meticulous and detailed. We are extremely dependable. Our clients think of us as family rather than outsiders.

We use an agile development methodology that provides us the flexibility to respond to change, with an emphasis on individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

We speak honestly and openly with clients. We don't just build websites, we build trust.

Pictured: Founder of Chulado, Michael Roth at Baltimore Artscape.

Founder of Chulado, Michael Roth at Artscape

what we ♥ to do

website design / ui

Your product or service demands a finely tuned user interface (UI) that delivers results. Our process is extensive and ensures a beautiful user experience.

web & mobile development

We love using open-source technologies including PHP, MongoDB, Apache, and Ngnix. Also know as backend development, this is the technology that powers the design.

ruby on rails development

We use full-stack frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. Ruby allows us to rapidly build scalable web applications, including ecommerce, at reduced cost.


Selling a product or service is about trust, presentation and ease of use. We offer custom solutions that simply the purchasing process for users, turning consumer interest into dollars.


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